Our Story

When founding RISE LITTLE QUEEN, the first question we had to ask ourselves was "what is our why?".

There are lots of publishers out there...what makes us different? Why are we even doing this craziness?!

The answer is simple...ish.

Whether it is writing, reading or creating, literature has been our passion and escape for as far back as we can remember. 

In times when the world was not so welcoming or inclusive, we could always count on books to help fuel our fire within and encourage us to dream.

It wasn't that long ago Alison was an 8 year old girl, playing hockey and having to change in the janitor's closet because there just wasn't room for her. 

Wouldn't it be great to not only make the room, but blast out the walls and start fresh from the ground up? This time making sure to include everyone.

Fast forward many years and the world enters a new kind of crisis...a global pandemic. 

A time when we are all joined by commonality and yet divided more than ever. 

Amidst all that darkness, some light was brought into our world with the birth of Alison's little girl, Logan.

In an almost kismet turn of events, Kat (our wonderful CMO), also welcomed her second baby boy, Lewie, just 10 days later!

Navigating pregnancy and new motherhood, amidst a global pandemic, brought these two together where they discovered their shared goals and passions.

It also motivated them to make some positive changes to make sure these wonderful quaranteenies (ha) grew up in a better world than that they came into.

Alison always dreamt of writing children's books and finally had the perfect audience for her stories...her daughter.

Kat was a supporter from the start, even helping to edit Alison's first book. 

When it came time to seek out a Publishing House to make this dream a reality, nothing seemed to be the right fit.

*light bulb*

This whole journey has been about taking that leap...why not go the distance?

RISE LITTLE QUEEN has now entered the chat.

A Publishing House for modern times where the every day norm is pivoting and taking on every new challenge with a smile and a DIY YouTube tutorial.

You've been a chef your whole life but have a story you're ready to share with the world? Write the book.

Your story doesn't quite fit the 'mold' of what's out there? Write the book.

Your child dreams of creating a story where they see themselves in the pages? Write the book.

Write the book. Write the book. Write the book.

Let us handle the rest.